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A new and unique tool for collecting authentic, emotional response feedback

How Smile Badge Works

Smile Badge is a new web-based application that changes the way you engage with your audiences for feedback. It allows your employees and customers to instantly provide in-the-moment feedback on what they are feeling and thinking at any point in time.

Smile Badge is also highly versatile. You can listen to your customers and gain feedback at the points in time that matter to them. Maintain engagement with your employees and track event and conference experiences.

Smile Badge employs cutting edge data visualisation tools, and state of the art analytics and dashboard to provide you with easy to understand and immediately actionable insights.


Select from a range of scales, single or multi-use and privacy options.


Quickly create and share links with your audience.


Select from a range of innovative and engaging formats including tickers, clouds and walls.


Intuitive dashboards and reporting tools. Review in dynamic formats or export your data to Excel.

Customer surveys are changing.
Smile Badge delivers authentic in-the-moment audience feedback.

Explore and monitor audience experiences over time or event-based.

  • Smile Badge challenges traditional research norms to deliver truly authentic feedback. Smile Badge gives your audience a tool to provide you with instant feedback in the moments when something interesting and relevant happens to them, instead of just asking set questions at pre-determined points in time.
  • It has been designed to enable identifying and understanding audiences’ emotional response to experiences, not just the what but why.
  • Unlike other research tools Smile Badge is always-on! Its immediate, versatile and can be used for any audience type and experience – from one-off events through to experiences over time; with customers, employees and other valued audiences.
  • Smile Badge is also highly engaging so that people love using it.

Smile Badge Benefits

Easy Install and Support

Simple to customise and launch with a local bureau on call for support and resources available for self-service.

Superior Insights

Captures specific emotional feedback. Audiences indicate what they are feeling and why at points in time when something important and relevant to them happens.

Incredibly Versatile

Can be used by for all audiences types and experiences – from one-off events to experiences over time with customers and employees.

100% web Based

Fast and easy installation. Great for landing pages or corporate intranets and easily accessed via shareable links.

Fully Customisable

Badge formats and scales are completely customisable so you can tailor to your specific requirements.

Superior Reporting Suite

Advanced dashboard capability, interactive data visualisation tools plus data export options.


Smile Badge Enterprise Pack for Events and Conferences

Capture and act on audience feedback in real time.

You can also track the mood and response of your audience over the course of your events because Smile Badge:

  • is simple to set up and customise.
  • has a unique interface that promotes engagement and providing authentic feedback.
  • can be used for any type of event and audience- from employee business update meetings through to multi-day conferences with customers.
  • can be used for an unlimited number of events and attendees (with our Enterprise Pack).
  • is secure.

Our Enterprise Pack has been specifically designed to support the needs of frequent event organisers – whether you’re a business with an in-house events team, or a company who organises events and conferences for others.